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So what doesethical” mean as far as our website is concerned? Our selection of products reflects the values and beliefs we hold dear, and whilst ethics are usually a very intimate concern, the impact of those personal choices can be global. For us, it is about much more than being environmentally or socially conscious in the picking of products and packaging, it also has to be about how we work with our suppliers and the service we provide to our customers. It is about respect in everything.  All of which sounds pretty serious and sombre, so let’s not forget the importance of humour - it's essential!

We hope you find something here which interests. Our aim is to offer quality, distinctive gifts which represent value for money and an opportunity to buy responsibly, as well as providing you with excellent customer service and a willingness to listen (so please feel free to get in touch here if you have something to say to us, whatever it may be).

In the past, most of us probably didn’t give much thought to the origins of our goods and the dubious practices employed in their manufacture, largely to ensure that they can be sold at the low prices we have come to expect. However, the impact of this on our environment and on those who work in production has become painfully obvious, and many of us are acknowledging  that there has to be an alternative to this unsustainable and unacceptable approach, that perhaps we will have to start paying a little more to protect and nurture precious resources, livelihoods and ultimately, humanity.

Most of us like receiving gifts - even if we have to buy them for ourselves! – to celebrate that special occasion, as a “thank you” or indulgence, or simply as confirmation that we are loved. It’s fair to say that we are not going to save the world by buying responsibly-sourced, ethical gifts, but it’s a small step in the right direction. One of many, perhaps? They all add up, you know!


Packaging can be quite the dilemma – Reuse? Recycled/Recyclable? Compostable? Ultimately, our first priority is that your items are well-packed and protected, so that they arrive in the same condition as they left us. No point in using anything which is not up to the job, then! New, improved, environmentally conscious products are becoming available all the time, so options are changing constantly and we aim to keep up. Appropriate sizing is another factor - too small and the contents are likely to be damaged, but too large is wasteful of resources. And cost has to be part of the equation too, because if packaging becomes very expensive, we may need to increase our prices.

I don’t suppose any of these considerations have crossed most peoples’ minds, and why should they? However, in case you’re still interested, and on a fairly basic level, here is what we have decided:

- We will reuse what we already have, which may include things like air bags, ordinary bubble wrap etc. They are not necessarily eco-friendly, but that is precisely why we are reusing them – it prolongs the time before they find their way to landfill. We reuse boxes wherever possible, even where they may be printed with other company names. If you are not happy for us to do any of this with your parcel, all you have to do is let us know and we won’t.

- As much as is humanly possible we will use new packaging which has the least detrimental effect on the environment and avoid single use plastics. Specifics could mean paper, card, waffle wrap, cardboard netting, eco-fill, compostable plastics and so on – that will largely depend on the nature and size of the goods. If more detail is important to you, please contact us with any questions (preferably before we pack your parcel for dispatch!).

We are not perfect, we are not even aiming to be perfect, because not only would that be a waste of time and energy, we also think it’s important to recognise, respect and celebrate diversity and humanity. However, we are friendly and approachable, so feel free to contact us if you have something you want to say – thanks, criticism, complaints, suggestions, anything else - and we will respond.

We’re doing the best we can, but there’s almost certainly room for improvement!