Mane Tamer

Perfect to tame frizz, afro hair, or dreadlocks and for deep-conditioning damaged hair

Product Information

Bring shine and manageability to frizz, afro or damaged hair, or dreadlocks with this super-rich formulation, which is made from shea butter, almond oil, apricot oil and a trace of beeswax, then infused with essential oils of calendula, rosemary and geranium to soothe the scalp, stimulate follicles and balance sebum. It is also a wonderful, deep-conditioning treatment for damaged hair. The scent is gentle and non-gender-specific, the use is sparing, so this pot will last a very long time.

Not suitable for vegans, children under 36 months, those with allergies to aster family plants or allergies to nuts. 55ml in amber glass jar with aluminium lid, excellent keeping qualities (unopened - indefinite, 12 months after opening). All packaging is recyclable.

Technical Specifications

Brand Lyons Leaf
Product Code N106