Orange and Grapefruit Hand Balm

Handmade Orange and Grapefruit Hand Balm - this smells divine, like a chocolate orange !

Product Information

Smelling divine, like a chocolate orange, this balm is intensively moisturising and soothing, being made from cocoa butter and shea butter. Both butters hydrate and nourish, forming a protective barrier and imparting various healing “goodies” (anti-oxidants, vitamin E, minerals, etc.) as they penetrate deep into the skin.

Orange oil is an anti-depressant and even an aphrodisiac, with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it ideal for dermatitis and uncomfortable skin conditions. It can aid the reduction of dark spots, promote circulation and firm the skin. Grapefruit oil is stimulating, perfect for cleansing, it boosts the lymphatic system and can help maintain youthful and glowing skin.

Lovingly handmade, 15g, aluminium tin.

Technical Specifications

Brand Heavenly Organics
Product Code T109