Vegan Leather Lunch Bag

Use it for lunches or let your imagination run riot - smart in all senses

Product Information

Handmade from washable paper, aka vegan leather, another clever invention to address our over-use of plastics. Looking for all the world like those popular, American-style, brown paper, market bags, this is a much tougher, more durable prospect. It can be washed, even in the washing machine (although hand washing will probably preserve it for longer), it can be wiped, it won't seep and disintegrate if there are spillages, it folds like thick, brown paper. As it is washed more, it will soften and take on a slightly distressed, slouchy appearance, that sense of casual, not-really-trying. It won't last forever, but you'll probably be sad when it comes to the end - why not use it as a decorative plant pot when that happens? And maybe it's too funky for lunches anyway.

Press stud fastener, 23cm x 6cm x 33cm full height/20cm closed

Technical Specifications

Brand Tabitha Eve
Product Code AFC5-100