Vegan Wax Wraps Everyday Pack (1)

An ideal starter pack, 3 sizes of the natural, anti-bacterial, breathable alternative to cling film

Product Information

A natural, anti-bacterial, breathable alternative to cling film and foil that keeps food fresher for longer. Carefully handmade to last at least a year, they shape and self-seal around food and bowls (warm with your hands if a bit stiff) and are easy to wipe clean.

This pack contains 3 wraps, 1 each of small (20cm square), medium (25cm square), large (30cm square), offering a versatile combo – ideal for covering a variety of sizes of plates/dishes/pots, wrapping sandwiches, and so on. But you don’t have to restrict their use to food - tuck, fold, shape and have fun, they’re so tactile, you’ll be looking for every new opportunity to use them!

Wipe or rinse in cool water after use, detergent may or may not be necessary, air dry, reuse, repeat. Do not expose to heat or flame, do not microwave, not suitable for use on hot pots/pans, not suitable to cover meat/fish. If they become a little tired, lay them on a baking sheet in a preheated, medium oven for 2 minutes, then lift them out and carefully but quickly hold them up (watch those fingers!), to dry in seconds – bingo! They can also be retreated with suitable wax if necessary. 100% organic cotton, 100% plant based wax, fully home compostable (when no longer usable, of course!).

There are food wraps and food wraps - we love these and they are certainly superior to others we have tried. May not be suitable if you have a pine allergy.  

Technical Specifications

Brand Good To Bee
Product Code K100bark